Door Options:

We offer either an in-swinging or out-swinging door on all our shelters.  The door can be placed on any side and we also offer door widths which can accomidate wheel chairs.  Both swing options have been tested at the Debris Impact Facility of Texas Tech University.

We invite you to shop and compare feature for feature with any shelter company out there. When you take into account all the safety elements incorporated into the Ft. Knox Safe Rooms we believe you will chose to protect your family with a Ft. Knox Safe Room.  

We can more closely meet your closet, pantry or garage space due to our versatile 6" & 12" panel system combined with our ability to install inside tight spaces because all bolts are accessible from inside the shelter is key to serving your needs. This feature also insures that it is almost impossible to be trapped in our shelter as we provide the wrenches necessary to remove any wall or roof panel to aid in exiting in case debrisis blocking the doorway.  Our door height also compliments standard 6'8" residential door height 

So whether used as an above ground shelter, intruder safe room or valuables vault, we at Ft. Knox Safe Rooms have worked hard to provide the safest most competitively priced product on the market.

Available Options:

​Electrical J-box in ceiling (no wiring included)  = $    10.00

​1 set of bench/shelf brackets (your wood)      = $    45.00

​​Battery powered fan (your batteries)              = $    49.00

High security valuables lock & hasp                = $  125.00​

With your $500 paid deposit you can lock in your price and installation slot.  Don't put it off another season.

Ft. Knox Saferooms, Tornado Shelters, Tulsa, OK

Guarding what matters most:


We have other sizes available so call us for "in-between" prices on sizes.  All pricing is excluding sales tax.  Standard installation varies from $264 to $400 and includes 25 mile radius of Tulsa.

A $500 deposit gets you on the schedule for installations.  Place your order quick as tornado season is here!

Ft. Knox Safe Room Pricing:

3' X 3' = $ 3,695.00

​3' X 4' = $ 3,795.00

​3' X 5' = $ 3,995.00

​4' X 4' = $ 4,095.00

​3' X 6' = $ 4,195.00

​4' X 5' = $ 4,295.00

​3' X 7' = $ 4,395.00

​4' X 6' = $ 4,495.00

​5' X 5' = $ 4,595.00

​4' X 7' = $ 4,795.00

​5' X 6' = $ 4,895.00

​5' X 7' = $ 4,995.00