There are numerous reasons an above ground shelter or safe room could be the right choice for you. There may be mobility issues associated with senior years, wheelchair confinement, space challenges or claustrophobic issues with being below ground.  We have designed our Ft. Knox Safe Rooms to be stronger and more versatile than any other shelter on the market.  Our panelized system allows us to more closely match your available space and because all bolts are accessible from inside the shelter, we can install inside an existing pantry, closet, alcove or nook in additional to a traditional garage setting.  We also provide the wrenches necessary to remove interior rows of bolts enabling exit from the shelter in almost any direction in the event debris is blocking the door.

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priced and versatile safe rooms on the market.

Who are FEMA & ICC?

Above Ground Tornado Shelters in Tulsa

FEMA, in their role as part of the US Department of Homeland Security, provides numerous publications giving guidelines and recommendations affecting many areas of our lives.  Their storm shelter guidelines have become the accepted standard, giving some consistency to an industry which has historically been largely unregulated.  FEMA does NOT certify storm shelters. Independent engineering firms are provided the drawings & specifications for a given shelter design which are then professionally evaluated against FEMA's guidelines.  The engineering firm then provides the letters and stamps indicating compliance with the various specificatons put forth by FEMA and/or the ICC (International Code Council).  All sizes of our Ft. Knox Safe Rooms have been evaluated and meet or exceed all of these guidelines.

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Why Above Ground?

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Who are the NSSA & ATSA?

These organizations offer well meaning, if not somewhat redundant, services in the storm shelter industry.  All reputable storm shelter companies pay significant professional fees to engineering firms to have their shelters independently evaluated and tested against the guidelines as established by FEMA and the ICC.  Ft. Knox Safe Rooms has enlisted the services of Larry Tanner @ the Texas Tech National Wind Institute in Lubbock Texas and the Architectural/Engineering firm of Kinslow Keith and Todd in Tulsa OK to evaluate and test our shelters.  A P.E. (Professional Engineer) at each of these organizations conducted the test or evaluations for which the certification or pass letters can be viewed below.  The NSSA & ATSA do not do any evaluating or testing of the actual shelters.  They are provided the evaluations and test reports which have already been conducted by the engineering firms of record and simply issue a letter stating a given shelter has in fact been tested or evaluated by a licensed engineering firm.  They provide this letter in exchange for an ongoing annual fee.  The vast majority of storm shelter companies choose not to avail themselves of this service as it adds no additional value to the Professional Engineers reports which have already been issued and certified.  Ft. Knox Safe Rooms is among the majority who chose to provide the actual engineering test results or reports directly to you, our customer.